It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.
Mark Twain

You may not have the luxury of time to prepare;
you may need to react immediately to a news item or a financial situation.

Working on your behalf, Peckwater PR can be both proactive and reactive in getting your message out to the business and financial community, using our experience, contacts and timing to ensure your press releases get maximum exposure with your targeted audiences.

Strategic Planning is key to creating successful, targeted campaigns that give your business the edge over your competitors. We will work with you to align your marketing strategy with your business objectives, to achieve strong

brand positioning (within specific parameters), but to a wider audience. Our approach is focussed on providing you with a comprehensive yet bespoke PR service that is in sync with today’s fast evolving business environment. To that end we fully understand and are familiar with the many channels through which today’s news is communicated.

Our small and dedicated team have the experience to discuss with and advise senior management on their strategic goals and on the best implementation of an appropriate PR programme. Our bespoke PR programmes are tailored to make your business stand out and to enable your brand to pull away from the crowd.

Our wide ranging service is designed to:

  • Highlight the progress of your business and ensure your merits are brought to the attention of your key audience
  • Manage your company’s reputation to maintain shareholder value
  • Enhance understanding of your business amongst analysts, investors, customers and other stakeholders
  • Build close relationships with the investment community
  • Enable effective and clear communication between
    Board members and shareholders.

Our Services

  • Advisory services to SME's
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic and transactional advice and management
  • Financial calendar management
  • Annual reports and shareholder documents
  • Presentations and new media
  • Branding and corporate literature