Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
Henry Ford

Flair and imagination, experience and professionalism.

Media Relations

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. We have an active approach to ensuring that the media has a balanced view of our client's affairs, in good times and bad. In particular, we make certain that the key journalists in our client's sectors are kept informed of developments and receive regular, relevant news flow.

Investor Relations

One of the most critical influences on a company's
investment rating is how information is communicated
to investors and broking analysts. Gaining the attention
of these audiences in the right way and at the right time
is highly competitive and requires expertise, focus and
commitment. A successful investor relations programme
will build a knowledgeable and supportive following
among institutional and retail investors and brokers.
This in turn will help underpin the share price,
maintain the company's rating within its peer group,
and facilitate future corporate activity.

Unlisted Companies

Newspapers are highly selective when allocating space to private, unlisted companies. Achieving coverage requires a knowledge of interested journalists, columns to target and their requirements, as well as understanding the timescales and the parameters involved in securingcoverage in other editorial outlets. Contacts and expertise are the keys to profile building and creating a successful media campaign.

Professional Firms

With considerable experience advising private equity and development capital firms, accountants, lawyers and architects, Peckwater PR is well aware of the needs of professional firms. We are accustomed to confidential briefings and can also be an effective filter for press and other enquiries. We work proactively in developing a client’s reputation for specialist expertise, ensuring that a client company becomes that which journalists turn to for comment and advice on those areas that matter.

Financial Calendar Management

Efficient financial calendar management is a key element of a communications programme. The timely, accurate and energetically thorough management of our clients' financial calendar commitments, helps ensure our clients can make the most of opportunities as they arise.

Strategic and Transactional Advice and Management (including IPOs, fundraisings, M&A activity etc)

Buying or selling a business or listing on AIM for example, is a major opportunity to enhance a company's profile with a new range of audiences. Working with your financial and legal advisers we are able to support the marketing of shares through the financial media, sell-side analysts and private client brokers.

With an Initial Public Offering, flotation is just the start; Peckwater PR provides comprehensive communications programmes to address the aftermarket, including considerations such as regulatory requirements, reporting to shareholders and ongoing marketing to a whole range of audiences.