Having a goal without a plan is merely a wish.
Antoine de St Exubery

ValiRx - Issue of Equity

Issue of Equity in Successful £1.15 million Placing:

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ValiRx - Issue of Equity

Past and present clients include:

  • The TEG Group plc Lancashire
  • Helpline Group plc Bath
  • Dolphin Capital Investors ltd Athens, Greece
  • Citibase plc London
  • C.I. Traders plc Channel Islands
  • Summit Corporation plc Oxfordshire
  • Eleco plc London
  • Nakama Group plc Surrey
  • South East of England Development Agency (SEEDA) Guildford
  • ValiRx London
  • Stagecoach Theatre Arts plc Walton on Thames
  • Adventis Group plc London
  • Solitaire Group plc London
  • Alchemi London
  • ILX Group plc London